New date for Standup Workshop: Saturday Oct 5th, 2019
$295 for 6 weeks
Final Class Show
Sat Nov 16h, 2019
7pm student arraival / 7:30pm doors / 8pm Show!
$10 (Per Guest)

The goal of this workshop is for each student to feel equipped with a basic readiness to perform a 5 minute set upon graduation and the interest to continue pursuing stand up with a firm grasp of the basic fundamentals.  You will be performing each week for fellow students, and then the final class October 19th, preform for friends and family in a show produced just for you!

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Also, returning students can drop in for $25 per class


Class Full & in Progress
Next Starting Date TBD
Monday August 5th
7:00 - 10:00pm 
$295 for 6 weeks!

This workshop is taught by

Henry Watkins.


A  senior Groundlings Improvisation Instructor.

This awesome 6 week course in the fundamental skills of Improv- Is the perfect start for beginners. Learn to be spontaneous on stage and in life- have fun, and discover why improv is such a powerful tool for everyone.​ Both in life, art and business or for any awkward social moment.

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In progress, but a few spots are still open!!!
Next Starting Date TBD
Wednesday August 14th
7:30 -10:30pm
$295 for 6 weeks!

This workshop is taught by
Adanna Kenlow. Actor, comic, and  skilled improviser!

Level 2 continues to build on the fundamental improv skills from level one. The class will layer in more scene work, combining that skill with characters and emotion to increase the student's comfort level performing improv on stage.

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Friday Aug 30th
7:00 - 8:00pm 

Groundlings instructor Henry, or acting and improv instructor Adanna Kenlow, lead this super fun one night intro to our improv program class. This three hour workshop is a playful and high energy way to discover the fundamentals of improv. Absolutely no experience required to participate.

If you decide that you want to jump into one of our 6 week improvs course, your fee of $45 will be credited towards that class.  Come out and play! It could also make a great gift for the funny person in your life.


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Schedule: TBD

Question for you…

Is your demo reel footage at the level that matches your talent?

I’m guessing probably...NOT


The Reel Deal On-Camera Workshop is focused on developing the actor’s camera technique, finding and repeatedly hitting spontaneous and exciting truthfulness with the use of cutting edge techniques along with the proven ’52 SECRET CHOICES FOR THE ACTOR’ created by the Founder of My Acting Studio, Charles Tentindo.


Build your cinematic quality acting demo reel footage in EVERY CLASS all shot cine style with shallow depth of focus, high resolution video, production sound and lighting. We offer the highest quality footage of any acting class in the area. You will be coached to your best in each class by award winning director and acting coach Charles Tentindo and will receive your performance via your USB thumb drive in HD the same night for no extra fee.


Pick a scene or monologue that mostly favors your part at: memorize it and bring it to the Reel Deal Workshop and let’s get to work and show them what you got!


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