The Lab - Intermediate / Advanced

The Lab - Intermediate / Advanced

Arrive with prepared material or anything you would like to work on in this professionals acting workshop.


The Lab is an on-going class is for those who have successfully completed the Foundation Course or have previous acting experience. You may also audition for this class.


The last Monday of this course is on camera and you will be able to have your work recorded with coaching. You may purchase an SD card to take home your piece!


Get challenged in this class to push your skills to a higher level. Each class is catered to what you would like to work on specifically. That would include: scene work, preparing for an audition or meeting, improvisation technique applied to rehearsal, use of the powerful Deck of 52 Choices For The Actor, as well as several new cutting edge techniques to elevate the impact of your work.


Once per month this class is on camera and you will have the opportunity to have your work professional recorded in HD Video. Purchase an SD Card at the studio and begin to build your skills and demo reel footage.


The goal in this class is to get your work to unpredictable and exciting levels in order for you to be CONSISTENTLY remarkable every time. The $50 Drop In option is available for hose that have successfully completed 3 months of Lab classes.


Monday 8:00 - 11:00 pm