Is now the best on-line acting studio.

Bold Statement?

Actually our new awesome one-on-one coaching will get you to your greatness faster and more efficiently using my new

proven out-of-the box techniques.


If... your goal is to become a great actor,

or to experience the benefits of the acting craft for your life,

or for your business...You've found the right place.

We are committed to helping you become...

...the best actor / human being you can be!


Browse Our Awesome Classes!

Let us show you how to become the best actor you can be as well as a more expressive, emotionally open, and courageous human being, both on stage and in every day life.

"Win an Oscar for the way you live your life!"

                    -Charles Tentindo,

Founder and Director My Acting Studio

But Don't Just
Take Our Word For It...

Still have any doubts?

About what we offer? What the classes are like?

Just want to make sure you vibe with us?

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Jump into the magical world of acting, and grow your confidence, on stage, on screen, and in everyday life.

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