We do not discriminate. Vaxxed or un-vaxxed,
masked or unmasked, religion, race or gender.
All are welcome at My Acting Studio.


If you're not feeling well or have had contact with someone recently who is sick,
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On finding the highest rated acting studio in

Long Beach, CA.  



Our cutting edge classes and one-on-one coaching sessions to reach your greatness faster and more efficiently using my proven out-of-the box techniques.

I am an expert coach that will help you nail your audition and drastically improve your acting and public speaking skills as well as preparing for a Ted Talk.

 I also offer stunning demo reels, headshots and more.



Your goal is to become a great actor, or to experience the benefits of the acting for your life, or your business,

You've found the right place.

We are committed to helping you become...

...the best Actor, Human Being and Public Speaker

you can be!

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"Win an Oscar for the way you live your life!"

                            -Charles Tentindo

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