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Our Promise...

"We promise that you will have an extraordinary  and inspiring experience in our  classes and walk away with new-found confidence and possibilities for your life and for your soul through the practice of this art form and get a chance to practice your humanity in a world that doesn't always allow it." 

 -Charles Tentindo- 0wner and Founder 



On finding the highest rated acting studio in Long Beach, CA. led by top acting coaches. 



Our cutting edge classes and one-on-one coaching sessions to reach your greatness faster and more efficiently using our proven out-of-the box techniques. We are expert coaches that will help you nail your audition and drastically improve your acting and public speaking skills as well as preparing for a Ted Talk or any presentation. We also offer stunning demo reels, headshots and more.



Your goal is to become a great actor, Stand Up comic, Improviser or to experience the benefits of the acting for your life, or your business, you've found the right place. We are committed to helping you become the best Actor, Human Being, or Public Speaker you can be!

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Call or text: 562-400-1355 
​Located at: 4412 East Village Rd.
Long Beach, CA 90808

Areas We Serve:

Long Beach, Hollywood, Los Angeles County, San Bernardino County,

San Diego County and Orange County. 


Study Improv, Stand Up Comedy, Acting For Camera, Meisner Technique,

Demo Reels and Headshots, Private Coaching, Groundlings, Flappers Training and more

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