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Charles Tentindo

Founder, Director

My Acting Studio  and The Aurora Theater Center for The Arts

I am an award winning director, acting coach, editor and inventor.  I have been working professionally as a camera operator and director of photography for over 30 years.  As an actor I have stage, screen, and other professional acting credits as well.

(See my IMDB here).


I bring my experience behind the camera to my students to help them achieve real, spontaneous cinematic moments that are repeateble through the practice of proven techniques in my Foundation and On-Camera classes. My teaching is my own and also influenced by work of Larry Moss as well as some of the greatest teachers of our generation including Jeff Corey, Eric Morris, Howard Fine, Margie Haber, Shashin Desai as well as studying improvisation at The Groundlings, alongside Will Farrell,

Chris Katan and Lisa Kudrow..


As an actor myself understand the importance of practicing this craft. That's why I too continue to study. You are never finished learning and refining your acting skills. You need to live a full life, That will feed your acting.

Acting is one of the greatest art forms because one gets to explore who they are, to try to understand the human condition connects you with your humanity and excercies your imagination, connect to deep emotion and learn how to fully express and connect with others. In other words, it's not just about "acting" but also about creating a fully expressive, truthful and believable human being. Many students feel a shift for the better in their own lives in just one session and some students work professionally.  

"Acting is a way to express your humanity in a world that doesn't allow it."

I work with beginning to advanced actors and non-actors of all ages at my studio, so don't concern yourself with not having a background in acting. You will get a good one here. If you have experience and need a place to hone your skills, update or create  your demo reel and learn new techniques, you've found the right place. I can tell you in less than a minute what makes a great actors and it can take a lifetime to achieve it.


I had a battle with a deadly disease that almost ended by life and the lessons learned, here.  

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lOne of Long Beach’s coolest hidden gems is The Aurora Theater… home of My Acting Studio! .

The Aurora Theater is an intimate, 1940’s style theater, equipped with modern lighting and sound and a warm and inviting ambiance. It is the perfect intimate venue for any showperson’s new one man show, play, opera, concert, or movie screening with their professional 19 foot 3D projection system with surround sound. Some people even rent it out to watch their favorite movie with friends for their birthday.

When The Aurora Theater is not playing host to entertainment, it is the playground for aspiring creatives of all ages through My Acting Studio! Whether you’re interested in acting as a hobby or want to take your craft to the next level with demo reels and head shots, My Acting Studio was created to be YOUR acting studio 

Owner and Founder Charles Tentindo designed the theater and built it with the help of friends and students.

“What I’ve managed to accomplish here is creating the acting Studio I wish I would have had when I was coming of age as an actor. ONE studio that offers expert training in several aspects of entertainment including camera technique, improvisation, stand up comedy, voice and accent training, Shakespeare and more. Everyone should feel welcome here no matter who they are and what their goals are. Acting is an art form that offers so many personal benefits to humans with one being the practice and honing of full self expression and freedom.

The prestigious @flappersuniversity will now be running regular stand up comedy classes and shows at My Acting Studio beginning in October. Head to their website for more info!

And the latest really exciting news is that January 2023 will see the Aurora Theater host “The Aurora Film Festival!” Tell a film maker so they can make sure to enter. Best of all it will be hosted in the a Meta Verse as well as in person! If you’ve never been in a Meta Verse you HAVE to check out their plans for this Film Festival!!

Are you ready to follow your creative passion? Check out My Acting Studio and The Aurora Theater and win an Oscar for the way you live your life! #lb908

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