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The sooner you have a good one and a great headshot, the sooner you will be considered for better projects, representation, films, tv shows,commercials, and much more! ​Our new soundstage is now available!​ We now have:a  office, bar, restaurant, interrogation ro om and building more sets as well as shooting on location for an additional charge.

3 piece 


3 monologues, which we will seamlessly piece together into a 2-3min reel. The reels are designed to showcase a wide range of your skill in a short burst.

Step 1
You prepare 3 contrasting monologues, each 2 mins max.

Step 2
You arrive at My Acting Studio and relax in our Green Room. 

We will then guide you through the shooting process on the day.

Step 3
You receive you fully edited reel within 7-14 days.


(Includes coaching)


For more advanced work.

Our two person scenes are approximately one to two minutes in length, and showcases both actors equally. For high production values cinematic work.You can bring your scene partner or we can find someone for you. Both actor can split this cost.

Includes rehearsal and direction, production, editing and 2 revisions.



Our secret weapon and we are the only ones I know of that are providing this special cinematic presentation of your acing work.The 360 Orbit is a machine that moves around the actor just like in a high end movie. An incredible tool for the actor.

Includes rehearsal and direction, production, editing and 2 revisions.



Bring in your camera and we will coach, direct and be the reader for a self tape.


Have a director work with you in order to bring your best to any audition.

Includes coach going over your audition material prior to going on camera.

$150 per hr

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