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Rules For a Successful Experience

It is important that you know the rules before taking our classes.

Please confirm that you agree to the rules when you sign up for class.

Failure to adhere to the rules may result in your removal.

There are no refunds or make up for missed classes,



Try not to take anything personal. This is a place of learning.

Please be positive and friendly to everyone in class. Be a professional, your scene partners are relying on you! Don't be noisy or disrupt the other students while they are working! Do not to take anything personally in these classes. We are here to help and guide you, not harm you. Communication is key and expected from you at all times. If you have any issue or need clarification of any kind, it is your responsibility to communicate with the instructor during, after or before class.  We will set aside time for you in these situations. Our intention is to make your time here a positive, challenging, and inspirational, experience. Your willingness to learn and step up to the plate (or out of your comfort zone) is crucial. 


If your classes are at night, please go out in pairs for safety reasons.


You are expected to be on time (every time) and stay until the end of class. Arrive 10 minutes before your class begins. If you think you will be late or absent you are expected to let your instructor know via text or call every time.Absences and / or coming in late is disturbing to class and is unprofessional.

You may be dropped from class if you are absent or late repeatedly (And this is not grounds for a refund.)


Do not come to class if you even suspect that you are sick or have been exposed to someone who IS sick.


If you suffer from mental illness or addiction, please consult and get approval from a mental health professional before joining this class as it MAY involve exercises and coaching methods that are emotional in nature and could trigger an emotional and or physical response.


Please follow me on these sites as I offer information, specials, and great videos that will help you with life and with your acting.  We would really appreciate you taking a second to leave a review at these sites.  And I request that you give me an opportunity to resolve any issue you may encounter before posting a negative review. I am committed to you having a positive and worthwhile experience while you study at the studio.  I am only a phone call away to resolve any issue or speak with your instructor after or before your class.


There are NO refunds, exchanges or make-ups for missed classes or sessions.

All classes,  demo reels, private coaching and headshot sessions and touchups must also be paid up front.


Any inappropriate, sexually charged comments, behavior, or unwanted physical contact is strictly prohibited.  


Yes it matters.  Please do not put on strong perfume or cologne when attending classes.  

Some of us have allergies. 



Under no circumstances are weapons of any kind  allowed in the studio.

This includes but is not limited to: Firearms, knives, explosives, or any item designed to cause harm.

If a fake weapon is to be used in a scene this needs to be cleared prior to working on the piece.


This is a no tolerance policy. This means don't be high or under the influence of any alcohol or recreational drug in my class.  If you can not do so then I suggest getting help before attending my class.  My Acting Studio is a safe space and the use of recreational drugs and or alcohol are strictly prohibited. You run the risk of being removed from the class with no refund. 

AUDITING (Observing a class) 

Message Charles Tentindo at if you wish to audit a class.

There is a $30 audit fee but this will be credited to the class if you choose to enroll within 60 days.

You must receive a confirmation to attend.


There is a 100 foot rule! Do not use your cell for calls or texting during class. Cellphones are a huge distraction to those trying to learn and perform.  There are breaks where you can call or text.  Please go outside and away from doors if you must use your cell.


Arrive early for parking! There is plenty of parking around the studio and no metered parking after 6pm during the week.


Bring your own water.  No food is allowed in the theater, you may eat snacks outside during the break if needed.


All video recorded during class is property of My Acting Studio. If you would like demo reel footage, please look under DEMO REELS and we will schedule it.  We may also occasionally record video and photos used for the website and promotion of the classes. If you do not want to be recorded in this way, please let us know prior to class.


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