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52 Choices V2

52 Choices V2

Deck of 52 Choices for the Actor took years to develop and test

with over 1200 actors with stunning results!



And now, Version #2 contains the most recently developed choices that help you make even more interesting choices in your acting.


They have been tested and 9 and of 10 times the acting becomes more nuanced and interesting, giving you an advantage over other actors every time!! 

The Deck of 52 Choice for the Actor is the Actor's  Secret Weapon for unlocking the power of possibilities, and unpredictable acting. We have finally made the deck of 52 secret choices for the actor available here for you using any device with internet access!

Use of these cards will help you in achieving more spontaneous, exciting, out of the box approaches in your acting, great for rehearsals as well as performance on and off camera. When you support us by purchasing this acting tool it helps the me develop and invest in new techniques and approaches to better acting hacks for you to achieve your personal excellence.

  • Pick Up ONLY

    At this time, we are not shiping this product, but it is available for pick up in person at My Acting Studio.

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