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Teacher Agreement

Responsibility / Attitude

All students will be treated with respect, kindness and patience while engaged in classes at My Acting Studio. The reputation of the studio is of utmost importance. We have a stellar one and intend to maintain that reputation. We go above and beyond to make sure ALL students receive valuable training with an empathetic yet challenging approach. If a students seems to lag behind or is not “getting it” I ask that you set aside a little time either before or after class  to give that student some attention.  An encouraging and positive attitude is important to create in every class.


The instructor agrees to attend all classes on time arriving at least 15  minutes prior to a class to open doors to prepare and receive students, turn on lights, etc. Teachers are expected to leave the space as it was presented to them.  Please remind students not to leave anything behind at the end of class.

Instructor Payment

Payment structure is a 60/40 split. with 40% percent going to the  instructor. The studio is responsible but not limited to the space rental, utilities, marketing, website and other promotional costs that go into running and promoting classes. The instructor will receive payment at the completion of said classes. The instructor will receive payment via PayPal, Venmo or other form of payment at the studio’s discretion. 


In the event that instructor stops teaching at My Acting Studio it is agreed that they will not solicit students to leave My Acting Studio in order to study with them elsewhere.  My Acting Studio understands that the Instructor may potentially be teaching at other locations in addition to My Acting Studio.

Class Size

The minimum class size will be 5 students. The maximum class size is 15 students.  Should less than 5 students sign up for class, we will work with existing students and new student outreach to fill class before beginning the class.  Any class with 5 people or less will be taught for 2.5 hours instead of 3.0 hours for class sizes of 7 and above.


As a team effort I ask that the instructor helps promote the class on their social media and personal word of mouth whenever possible, so please make sure you are active on Facebook and / or Instagram, Tik Tok or email list.

House Rules

It is VERY important that you lock front door and rear door after each class begins and when it ends.  (Always double check the doors) so as not to allow strangers to come in during a class.  All lights and air conditioning need to be turned  off as well. There’s no available drinking water at the studio so please advise students to bring their own water.

End of working relationship

In the event that teacher stops teaching at the studio I ask that instructor give a minimal notice of 30 days or more and that instructor agrees to complete any class that they are currently teaching in order to serve the enrolled student. The non-compete is also part of this agreement.

Communication / Student Issue

Please copy me on any correspondence with a student in order to keep me in the loop at all times. Email or text.  Always let me know if you are having an issue with a class or a student.  I will step in when needed. Always be in communication with Charles or the studio manager.


Instructor may park directly behind the studio at the back entrance. Students should be directed to park on street. There is no metered parking after 6pm.

Teacher Agreement

By signing you have agreed to have read and understood the terms above and will abide by them.


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